Quinta do Paço Hotel


Quinta do Paço Hotel is composed of an eighteenth century house, situated 3km from the center of Vila Real. It offers you the choice of 64 beds in modern spacious and comfortable.
Visitors can enjoy many attractions as a regional cuisine restaurant, games room, entertainment, swimming pool, two tennis courts, playground, and even your surroundings with gardens and space for practices such as cycling, running and maintenance walks.

Prices for participants:

Single: €40,00/night
Double: €57,50/night
Tiple: €77,50/night


Quinta do Paço Hotel
5000-051 Vila Real
Tel.: 259 340 790
Fax: 259 340 799
E-Mail: geral@quintadopacohotel.com

Web: www.estalagemquintadopaco.net