Autor(s) Title Abstrat
1 Paulo Barata "Programs and Education Activities for Gymnastics at School" Not available
2 DGIDC   “The reality of Gymnastics School activities in Portugal" Not available
3 Keith Russell  "The Canadian vision of Gymnastics in School" Not available
4 Fan Yanneng "Myths and Facts on the Chinese Gymnastics School" Not available
5 Eunice Lebre   "To an Organization of Curriculum Content in Gymnastics School" Not available
6 Torben Czepluch  "The Nordic Gymnastics School - Denmark reality" Not available
7 César Peixoto "School, Gymnastics and the Environment" Not available
8 Raquel Silva

"Nutrition and Physical Activity in School"

Not available
9 Marco Bortoleto & Laurita Schiavon

"The Gymnastics Brazilian reality in School"

Not available
10 Francisco Saavedra "The Bologna Process: Creation of the European Higher Education Area. The reality of Gymnastics higher education in Portugal"  Not available